VIP 4 VIP Show June 2020


Extra safety measures
 The COVID-19 virus has changed our day to day lives in a considerably short time, both private and in business. We are still uncertain if the measures taken by the Dutch government to combat the coronavirus will be extended or reduced. Scheduling appointments are bit of a puzzle but nonetheless we are still looking ahead, preparing for when circumstances will become “normal” again.

That is why we keep developing new and innovative products ideas and marketing campaigns for the second half of 2020-2021. With these developments in mind we would like to invite you for our VIP4VIP show. Due to the current prolonged measures till the 20th of May, we have chosen to postpone our VIP4VIP show. The VIP4VIP show will now be held from the June 8th  till June 20th  (see the invitation for more details). This will be an alternative version of our VIP4VIP show from what you are used to.

To guarantee the safety of you and our colleagues we will follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines provided by our National Institute of Public Health and Environment. Which means that we will reduce the numbers of visitors that will attend simultaneously. By taking these measures we’re still able to give you a presentation but in a slightly more intimate setting. We are pleased to schedule an appointment with you. If the current situation concerning the corona virus ultimately does not allow the VIP4VIP show to continue, we will gladly give our presentation via a live stream.

 We hope to see you in good health at our VIP4VIP show and let’s keep in contact to plan ahead for the upcoming period.
Because especially in this crazy time it is so important to keep a positive outlook on the future.

 We therefore assume that if it is soon again possible and safe, people will go out again!
Whether this is closer to home or further away ... you need a high-quality suitcase and / or bag. And then we will be ready, together!

 We wish you all the best and good health in the near future!