Setting up your lock is easy and quick. But first you have to know which lock your suitcase has. You can find the different locks we currently have on our suitcases with instructions on how to set them here. Tip: choose a code that you will not soon forget and write it down somewhere!

If you set the code of your lock and have forgotten the combination, there is a simple trick or a reset mode to restore it. Because we don’t want everyone to know this trick, we will send it separately via an automatic e-mail. Via this form you can receive the reset mode.
If this trick does not work, the only solution is to try all 999 combinations. This seems like a time-consuming job, but it really won’t take you more than 30 minutes! It is also possible to order a new lock, you can use our spare parts order form for this.

The TSA key is only used by the customs officers in Canada and the USA to gain access to your luggage. The key is therefore not supplied for you. If the baggage is not equipped with this type of lock, the customs officers of these countries will break open your luggage if they want to check the suitcase. A TSA lock is therefore a good choice if you do not want a broken suitcase!

TSA stands for Transport Security Administration and is the safety authority of the US Department of Homeland Security that was established after the 9/11 attacks. This authority monitors travellers from and to the United States. When you fly to the United States, your suitcase might be opened for inspection by TSA staff. Of course they will only do so if there is reason to. With a TSA lock only they can open your luggage. In case your suitcase does not have a TSA lock, they will force the lock and break open your suitcase. 

After inspection, the TSA staff leave a card in your suitcase to inform you that your suitcase has been opened and checked by them. 


If your suitcase is damaged during your trip, for example at the airport or on the plane, this is unfortunately not covered by our warranty. If this happens, you should report this immediately to the airline you travelled with as they are liable for the damage incurred. You can request a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form at the airport at the luggage service desk in the customs hall. Also take photos of the damage incurred as evidence. After receiving your luggage, you have seven days to hold the airline company liable in writing. Add the complaint form and your PIR form.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to fully remove the dent. The force with which the dent was caused will have stretched the material, which you’ll continue to see. You can try to heat the dent with a hair-dryer, alternately the inside and outside, and then push back the dent with a solid blunt object.

Don’t worry! Your suitcase is not broken, our ABS/PC (polycarbonaat) suitcases are protected by a thin and transparent foil layer that can be removed. After removal of this foil, the suitcase will look even better.

Exchanges & Returns

If you want to return your product, it is best to contact the Princess Traveller point of sale where you purchased the product. They will inform you about the possibilities. However, it is important that you bring proof of purchase.


Yes, of course you can. At least, if the part with the defect can indeed be replaced. We will inform you in advance about the costs and the delivery time, after which you can indicate your approval. Most spare parts can be ordered separately. Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the built-in scale separately. 

If the wheel no longer rolls properly, it can likely be replaced with a new wheel. For this you can fill in our spare parts order form for a new part. If the wheel including cap is completely broken off, it is likely that it cannot be repaired. In this case, we decide whether this is covered by the warranty and whether or not we will replace the product free of charge. If the Princess Traveller product was purchased from Blokker or Makro, it is best to go to the point of sale, where they will deal with your warranty for you. Do not forget to also bring your proof of purchase! 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the built-in scale separately. Check whether the battery is empty. If this is not the case, we will assess whether the defect falls within the warranty and whether we will replace the suitcase in its entirety.

We recommend filling out our spare part order form as detailed as possible. After receiving your request we can assess whether the spare part is in stock and we will contact you. We ship spare parts free of charge within the warranty period. Outside the warranty period there are costs associated with the shipment. The following rates apply to this:

Handle €5 (BE €7.50 and DE €10)
Wheel €7.00 (BE €9.50 and DE €14)
TSA lock €7.50 (BE €10 and DE €12.50)

Combination lock, feet and zipper pulls are sent free of charge.


In the case of production and manufacturing defects, we offer a two-year warranty on all our products.
If the Princess Traveller product was purchased from Blokker or Makro, it is best to go to the point of sale, where they will deal with your warranty for you. Do not forget to also bring your proof of purchase!

Unfortunately, we can not help with all damage. Rough handling, misuse, wear and tear, neglect, airport damage or other events that are not covered by production or manufacturing fault are not included in the warranty. In the event that the suitcase has been broken open, for example, via the zipper or the lock, the warranty also expires. You are best off contacting your insurance provider for this.

You only have a warranty on a replacement product if it falls within the original warranty period. The warranty does not therefore restart when a product is replaced. This is the law.

Customer Service

To contact our customer service you can send an e-mail to info@princesstraveller.com. We strive to answer your question within 3 working days.

You can also reach us on working days from 8:30 till 17:00 by calling +31 76 530 03 50

If you would rather use social media, please send a message to our Facebook page.