If your suitcase is damaged during your trip, for example at the airport or on the plane, this is unfortunately not covered by our warranty. If this happens, you should report this immediately to the airline you travelled with as they are liable for the damage incurred. You can request a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form at the airport at the luggage service desk in the customs hall. Also take photos of the damage incurred as evidence. After receiving your luggage, you have seven days to hold the airline company liable in writing. Add the complaint form and your PIR form.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to fully remove the dent. The force with which the dent was caused will have stretched the material, which you’ll continue to see. You can try to heat the dent with a hair-dryer, alternately the inside and outside, and then push back the dent with a solid blunt object.

Don’t worry! Your suitcase is not broken, our ABS/PC (polycarbonaat) suitcases are protected by a thin and transparent foil layer that can be removed. After removal of this foil, the suitcase will look even better.