Setting up your lock is easy and quick. But first you have to know which lock your suitcase has. You can find the different locks we currently have on our suitcases with instructions on how to set them here. Tip: choose a code that you will not soon forget and write it down somewhere!

If you set the code of your lock and have forgotten the combination, there is a simple trick or a reset mode to restore it. Because we don’t want everyone to know this trick, we will send it separately via an automatic e-mail. Via this form you can receive the reset mode.
If this trick does not work, the only solution is to try all 999 combinations. This seems like a time-consuming job, but it really won’t take you more than 30 minutes! It is also possible to order a new lock, you can use our spare parts order form for this.

The TSA key is only used by the customs officers in Canada and the USA to gain access to your luggage. The key is therefore not supplied for you. If the baggage is not equipped with this type of lock, the customs officers of these countries will break open your luggage if they want to check the suitcase. A TSA lock is therefore a good choice if you do not want a broken suitcase!

TSA stands for Transport Security Administration and is the safety authority of the US Department of Homeland Security that was established after the 9/11 attacks. This authority monitors travellers from and to the United States. When you fly to the United States, your suitcase might be opened for inspection by TSA staff. Of course they will only do so if there is reason to. With a TSA lock only they can open your luggage. In case your suitcase does not have a TSA lock, they will force the lock and break open your suitcase. 

After inspection, the TSA staff leave a card in your suitcase to inform you that your suitcase has been opened and checked by them.