Yes, of course you can. At least, if the part with the defect can indeed be replaced. We will inform you in advance about the costs and the delivery time, after which you can indicate your approval. Most spare parts can be ordered separately. Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the built-in scale separately. 

If the wheel no longer rolls properly, it can likely be replaced with a new wheel. For this you can fill in our spare parts order form for a new part. If the wheel including cap is completely broken off, it is likely that it cannot be repaired. In this case, we decide whether this is covered by the warranty and whether or not we will replace the product free of charge. If the Princess Traveller product was purchased from Blokker or Makro, it is best to go to the point of sale, where they will deal with your warranty for you. Do not forget to also bring your proof of purchase! 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to replace the built-in scale separately. Check whether the battery is empty. If this is not the case, we will assess whether the defect falls within the warranty and whether we will replace the suitcase in its entirety.

We recommend filling out our spare part order form as detailed as possible. After receiving your request we can assess whether the spare part is in stock and we will contact you. We ship spare parts free of charge within the warranty period. Outside the warranty period there are costs associated with the shipment. The following rates apply to this:

Handle €5 (BE €7.50 and DE €10)
Wheel €7.00 (BE €9.50 and DE €14)
TSA lock €7.50 (BE €10 and DE €12.50)

Combination lock, feet and zipper pulls are sent free of charge.