Brand new Sumatra Green Collection Suitcase

Brand new Sumatra Green Collection Suitcase

Princess Traveller strives for synergy between social/sustainable entrepreneurship and the core values of Princess Traveller. The three pillars of our CSR policy are: social responsibility, sustainability and limiting waste. With these values in mind we worked on a sustainable suitcase line for many years and now we can finally introduce our Princess Green Collection.

The first line of suitcases made from recycled PET! The shell of the suitcase, the inner lining and the zipper are all made from recycled PET material, which finds their origin in PET bottles.

The Sumatra currently is the first suitcase in our Green Collection that we get to proudly present on The suitcase has a glamourous appearance because of its diamond skin finish, and also has an integrated combination lock. In addition the suitcases are extremely strong and light weight.


With this, we want to make the world a little greener for all future generations of travelers!

You can find them here!