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Excluded from the warranty is damage that occurs during transport or during your trip. When damage occurs during transport at the airport, it is obviously very annoying and you should report it immediately to the airport concerned. In this case, you should request a PIR form and submit it within 7 days. The airline is liable for the damage that has occurred during transport. In many cases, your travel insurance will also cover this damage.


If you experience a product with a manufacturing defect and it falls within the two-year warranty period, you can report it to your point of purchase with your proof of purchase. The point of purchase can quickly handle your warranty claim. Proof of purchase is required for a warranty claim. Wear and improper use are excluded from the warranty. For other questions about warranty, please have a look at the frequently asked questions


In some cases, it is possible to order spare parts directly from Princess Traveller, such as a wheel, a combination lock etc. With this application form, we can assess your application and inform you of the availability of the part. However, we ask that you always report damage to the airport (in cases of damage during travel), followed by your point of purchase.